Cherokee County Fire
& Emergency Services

Codes & Standards

Please be aware, the Georgia Department of Community Affairs is planning on adopting new codes effective 1-1-2020, this will also include new amendments. Please visit their website for more information.

The Cherokee County Fire Marshal's Office is charged with enforcing the commercial design and construction requirements of the codes currently adopted by the State of Georgia as well as adopted local ordinances and regulations.

Please take note:

Effective January 30, 2014 State Adopted Codes:

* These amendments to the State Minimum Standard Codes can be found at the Georgia Department of Community Affairs web site. All listed amendments for each corresponding code are applicable.

** These standards and amendments can be found at the State Fire Marshal's Office web site.

Note that you can view both ICC Codes and NFPA Codes for free online. Registration is required for viewing documents on NFPA's web site, however there is no charge to view.

Local Ordinances and Regulations:

Other Applicable Codes:
Contact Other Departments involved in the development process for a list of other codes and standards which may apply.