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To obtain a building permit, for the following construction:

New Building Construction, an Addition, Tenant Finish or a shell building

This is not an all-inclusive list but this should be used as a guide for plan submittal.

The following is required by the Cherokee County Fire Marshal’s Office for plan submittal for commercial projects in Cherokee County:

This is for construction and possible change in use.

Please provide compliance and notes for the following on the plans according to the


Provide the following:


The door schedule to include the following:


There must be a Knox Box on the building.

The FDC is not to be placed on the building.

A site plan indicating the location of the building.

Indicate on the plans, the purpose of the submittal.

When submitting for building construction provide complete plans of the following:

 Include the following as needed:

 Effective January 1, 2020 State Adopted Codes:

Please add the following codes to the plans and all current applicable Georgia State Amendments

*The amendments to the State Minimum Standard Codes can be found at the Georgia Department of Community Affairs web site. Please provide all listed amendments for each corresponding codes that are applicable.

listed amendments for each corresponding code are applicable.


 Please add the note below to the coversheet of all construction plans being submitted to the Cherokee County Fire Marshal’s office for review.

The above mentioned plans will be issued once the plans have been approved and the fees have been paid.