Reviews - Sprinkler Plan

The Cherokee County Fire Marshal’s Office (CCFMO) has a new plan review process. The way the plans have been submitted the Cherokee County Fire Marshal’s Office has changed and the plans will now be submitted online through the CityView portal under “apply for a building permit”.


If you need help please call 770-721-7812 or 770-721-7816.


There is a digital upload fee of $50.00


 Please take note:

The Fire Marshal's Office reviews Sprinkler System plans for compliance with the 2019 edition of NFPA Standards 13 and 13R,  as amended by the 2020 amendments found in Chapter 120-3-3 (State Minimum Fire Safety Standards).  Plans are required to be submitted directly to the Fire Marshal's Office for review and approval prior to installation (See Water Supply Requirements) . You must pay for the review online. The method of payment and permit number will be emailed to you. Once the fees have been paid and the plans have been approved, the plans will be emailed back to you with a stamp of approval. You are required to have a jobsite copy of the plans kept on site. The Fire Marshal's Office will not need a hard copy of the plans. Please submit  application as well, click here for application.

See the Fire Marshal's Bulletin for information regarding the protection of Palletized Storage.

The following is a list of items that will ensure a timely review of the sprinkler system plans:

Site Plans for Reference

General Requirements





Dry Pipe

Wet Pipe